The Makeup Show Beauty Tour LA – March 21,2016

I was so excited to hear The Makeup Show was bringing their beauty tour for the 1st time to the West Coast! This was a unique opportunity to meet and mingle with makeup artists, visit the original studio of Hollywood’s Beauty King, Max Factor and visit LA’s top beauty hot spots. Our tour began at the Hollywood Museum with our host, renowned makeup artist, James Vincent, and the owner of the museum to show us what talent was all about once upon a time!

A selfie in the “Blondes Only” room- Max Factor created a color-coded room specifically for each hair color. Fun Fact: Marilyn Monroe became a brunette in her teens, it was Max Factor who created the blonde on Marilyn Monroe we know of today.

We were also welcomed into the museum by Global Pro Lead Artist, Lori Taylor “LT” from Smashbox Cosmetics. Thank you Smashbox Cosmetics for the welcome gift! Fun Fact: The founder of Smashbox is the great grandson of Max Factor!

Check out her Smashbox video tutorials:


Next stop is to get a good window seat to view some of James’ favorite Los Angeles beauty stores.

First stop on the bus tour was the Hollywood home of Francois Nars’ NARS Melrose boutique.

Loved this NARS artist’s sun-kissed, bronzed makeup!

We then visited the eyebrow guru and business owner of Senna Cosmetics, Eugenia Weston. Did you know Eugenia was the original distributor of the angled eyebrow brush?

Next stop was at Cinema Secrets and a chat with industry insider Mr.Maurice Stein. Also a great shop for special FX/stage/character makeup with an artist studio in the back!

We complete our last stops at Nigel Beauty Emporium where we were greeted by Temptu and Frends Beauty Supply. A MAKE UP FOR EVER artist at Frends Beauty displayed his beautiful maleficent creation.We enjoyed the rest of the evening mixing and mingling with artists and staff while enjoying cocktails and small bites.

Thank you to all the hosts, staff, makeup sponsors and artists I met on the tour for making this beauty tour a fun and inspiring experience!



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